Ebook Publishing at Cambridge Media Group

Thursday, 7th November 2019

In 2012 Cambridge Media Group went through the process of converting all our books into ebook format and publishing them on various platforms.

With the success of this process, we saw the need for other publishers to achieve the same result but without the investment in time and money that we have been through. We can also see that other independent publishers might not have the in-house skills and capability that we have found to be required.

So Cambridge Media group are now offering a service to handle ebook publishing for other publishers.

The process is as follows:

  • Origination. You send us your original book. We can work from an epub file, pdf files or even printed book.
  • We convert the original work into epub files compatible with kindle, apple bookstore and other formats
  • We then upload the files to channels such as Amazon (worldwide), Apple and others at our discretion. For this, we will need some metadata information from you.
  • Once titles are selling we will download and assemble sales data from the distribution channels, supply you with a summary and pay you half the accrued royalty for your imprint

Because we will be investing our time and money in processing your books we will need to take a view on the sales potential of your books. Some historic sales data of the printed book will usually be all that’s necessary.



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